We strongly believe that one solution for all solution does not work anymore as we understand that each and every industry has its own needs. WIPL has concrete practical and useful skills and data along with advanced technology capabilities to serve comprehensive set of solutions to various industries.

Telecom & Media

Telecom and Media industry is rapidly changing making it intimidating for the industry to utilise updated solutions & services in order to beat the competition. WIPL with its right mix of technical and functional expertise tackles the needs of the telecom industry and offers them appropriate solutions.

  • BI Solutions
  • Call KPI Dashboards
  • Self-Service Customer Portals
  • Content Management Systems
  • Network Health Check Real-time Dashboards
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • EAI and other Integrations
  • Sales Data Analysis
  • Subscriber Enrollment Process Backend Processing


Our vast experience and knowledge regarding solutions and services required by various automobile manufacturers, Vendors, ancillaries, dealers and automotive Products manufacturing companies makes us tackle and cater to the needs of automotive industry offering them premium and IT solutions and services at reasonable prices.

  • CRM Solutions
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Dealer Management and Rating Systems
  • Composite Applications
  • Warranty Management Applications
  • MS Dynamics Implementations and Solutions
  • BI Solutions
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions
  • Dealer Search Mobile Applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry)


Health care industry might be rapidly revolutionizing but the issues & challenges associated with it are on rise as well. Rising challenges are persuading industry players to adopt latest technical solutions and we at WIPL Tackle the needs of the health care industry by providing premium IT solutions and services at affordable prices.

  • Application Maintenance and CCL Programming for Cerner Health Care Applications
  • Bespoke Application Development including Hospital Management Systems, CRM, Clinic Management Applications, Patient Record Systems, Electronic
  • Medical Records and Document Management Systems
  • Mobile Applications Development (iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Palm) for Doctors for e-Signatures and Patient Medical Records
  • Application Integration Solutions for integrating various Health Care Application Modules and various third party applications
  • HL7 Integrations to extract Patient Demographics and Visit/Order Information
  • Security/Auditing Compliance of Health Care Applications including HIPPA Compliance
  • Document Management and Workflow Solutions
  • Medical Transcription Applications and Workflow Frameworks
  • High quality Medical Transcription Services
  • Data Digitization Solutions and Services
  • Data Capture Services for Clinical Data and Research
  • Back Office Processing

Manufacturing & Logistics

In today’s communication based era its vital for manufacturing and logistics industry to be connected to technology to have a business sustainability.

Wizard offers solutions like ERP/ MRP Implementations, System Upgrades and Migrations, EDI Interfaces along with Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions.

  • Shop Floor Connectivity Solutions
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions
  • ERP Implementations including Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Apps Implementations
  • Custom ERP and Workflow Applications
  • Production Planning Solutions
  • Integration and EDI Solutions and Services
  • BI and Dashboarding Solutions
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Customer Order Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Document Management
  • Integration – real time integrations with third party applications and customs
  • Data porting, Migration and Mining
  • Backend Data Processing Services – BOL data capture/keying, address validation, technical helpdesk, Documentation review/handling
  • Business Helpdesk
  • MIS reporting


With the growing discrepancies in education systems its under constant threats and require dynamic, strong emergency readiness and response system. Wizard with its latest IT services and solutions offers academic institutions unrivaled customised software development, maintenance, improvement and migration services across all major platforms.

  • Custom Application Development and Maintenance
    Student Management, Results and Transcripts Management, Student Aid Management, Security Management, Student Portals
  • Application Migration and Upgrade
  • Application Integration
  • BPO Services
    Candidate and Result Data Capture Services, Data Digitization and Management Services, Research Data Collection and Analysis Services

Energy and Utilities

Oil and Energy Sector is a crucial sector and so are their services. This sector includes companies like Oil Exploration Companies, Petrochemical Companies, Energy Distribution Companies as well as Energy Sector Services Companies.

  • Custom Application Development and Maintenance
    Oil Field Management – Production, GIS, Inventory and MIS
    Distribution and Control Applications
    Energy Usage and Billing Applications
    Utility Services Order Fulfillment and Management Applications
  • CRM Applications
  • MS Dynamics Implementations and Solutions
  • BI Solutions

Institutional and Financial

Reliable and secured applications are the nucleus of the financial institutions as these industries are the hub of sensitive and critical customer information

Wizard has comprehensive combination of domain expertise, techno-functional advisors, counselors and technical team to offer protected safe & robust solutions and services to insurance companies, agencies, brokers, banks, financial institutions and loan organisations.

  • Application Development and Maintenance
    Agency & Client Management
    Policy Administration
    Rating Engines
    Claims Management
    Management Information System
    Document Management
    Loan Management and Loan Approval Workflow
    Premium Finance Applications
  • Integration Solutions – real time rating with ACORD interfaces
  • Production Support, Infrastructure Support, Managed Services and Nightly Batch Cycle Support
  • Data Porting, Migration and Mining
  • Backend Data Processing Services – data capture, data keying, address validation, technical helpdesk, claims handling
  • Real time integrations with
    Agency Management Systems
    Comparative Raters
    PAF Validations
    MVR/UDR Validations for violations
    Claims Validations
    Premium Finance
  • MIS Reporting and Dash-boarding
  • Compliance Report Submissions