Organizations despite of the sizes are facing the challenge of developing and bringing to market high-quality products, release latest features, customise products while keeping the cost and risk to minimum to gain the competitive edge. WIPL’s unique operational ways help clients introduce innovative product engineering processes and develop product features that meet dynamic market demands and deliver value to end users.

Our product engineering services are for entire software product development lifecycle, right from product conceptualization to product extensions.

Our Solutions and Services

  • Product Ideation & Development

    We understand your product first to help you identify a suitable technology and platform for your product and switch them from ideation to realism.

  • Product Localization

    We help to regulate your product so that it get accustomed to non – native market and successfully thrives there.

  • Product customization & Implementation

    We help you put your product into practice and then expand it further based on end-users experiences, so that all the requirements are properly catered to.

  • Product Migration & Porting

    We help you migrate your on hand product to a completely new platform or technology in order to sustain mounting customer demands.

  • Product Extensions

    We help our clients to retain their clients by extending our support and maintenance services for new, growing as well as old product lines.

Wizard Advantage

  • Metrics driven process that covers performance target settings performance improvement and progress measurement.
  • We adhere to the metrics driven process and hence deal with performance target setting, performance improvement and progress measurement.
  • We offer our clients complete insight of all the phases of SDLC through our comprehensive team approach.
  • We build cutting edge applications to meet client needs by leveraging numerous tools, models and methods that make us concentrate on the designs and support defect tracking, log estimates and progress tracking.
  • Our Open work approach with our clients make us collaborate with clients and share correct process flows and project status after every iteration.
  • We follow best Industry best practices for application development to make sure that client’s ROI mounts with our delivery.